What’s Bo-bo?

Can anyone tell us?  We’re at a bit of a loss you see.  Anna is uttering it repeatedly and short of finding the dictionary for a 1.5year old (has anyone ever in their life, described their child as 1.5 years old? Because Kaz did today in a bookshop.) we have no idea as to what she means when she calls out, “Bo-bo!” insistently.

Hmmm.  I thought I had her patter down, in that intuitive Mawface way.  But it’s not the case.  Must.Try.Harder.

Our life here in Oita (north-east Kyushu, Japan) has its ups and downs, like anyone’s life.  We live with our 1.5 year old, her escalating vocal  talents and Kaz’ Mum and older sister.  It’s confrontational sometimes, we are all so different.  Let’s all try to get along though, eh?

I recently got myself a visa, health insurance and a Japanese driving license.  So life is gooooood in those respects.  I have a class of mother and babies waiting to be taught the wonders of English nursery rhymes on Sunday afternoon.  Wish us all luck!  I’m very much looking forward to it though, so hopefully the luck won’t be needed.  Anna is being a little torn-faced right now because her Daddy has just left the room, she’s such a Daddy’s girl…he’s back now though and with an onigiri (rice-ball) for her, all is well.

Driving home from town this afternoon, we happened across the racist party on the road beside us, you know, the white truck with the Japanese flag that plays Enkas through loudspeakers and you know that they hate us because we’re not Japanese.  Is it wrong to hate someone because you know they hate you?  I don’t even hate them though, I definitely do not hate them.  But it’s hard to warm to bigotry when the music they play is so intimidating.

The rice ball has now become a rice mess all over the floor, I don’t know what he expected.


About mawface

I live in Oita, I like to write about all the little things that happen to me here, there and everywhere.
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