Rookie mistake.

Volcano is on the telly, again.  I shit you not, it’s fully dubbed in Nihongo and that makes it even more hilarious yet horrific.  So far there has been some sexy Kangol hat wearing and a young(ish) Tommy Lee Jones attempting to flirt with some hot young Swedish type that would never be a) a seismologist or whatever it is she is, b) into him.  Seeing this on the tv now and knowing that it was also on about a year ago (because we watched, O yes) almost detracts from the incredibly bizarre yet compelling set of ads that he does for Boss Coffee.

See, I told you.

Kaz just turned it over and there are now men dressed in white jimbei on a tuna sushi challenge.  They are traveling the length and breadth of Tokyo sporting comedy giant sushi hats and attempting to eat a serving of sushi at each restaurant for 31 consecutive restaurants and, if they manage this feat…they will receive 51million yen between them.  “What’s that?” you cry, “only tuna when there are so many other delicious things on the menu! Why that is INDECENT!”  Or something like that.  Bear in mind that there are many ways to skin a cat and eat tuna in a sushi restaurant .

So it’s not thaaaaaat indecent.  It’s not like there are D-list celebrity comedians on the telly whoring their bellies for an insane amount of cash whilst dressed as pure fannies.  O no.

Yesterday was the day for the unexpected beach visit.  Kaz has befriended some fresh of the boat JET teachers whilst out on the piss on Friday and invited us all along on their outing.  So it was only while we were on the way there that we found out it was not only a fire festival in the hills, but a beach and bbq before that.  Unfortunately we were absolutely ill prepared.  How disappointing, you all know how I love to overpack too.

We got to the beach and yesterday was windy as hell but still so very beautiful.  The road there was a winding knotted shoelace of a road with such drops that would turn your stomach and pop your ears all very quickly.  Apparently it was quite similar to the main thoroughfare between Dublin and Cork, but I can’t confirm this personally.  When we emerged from the Dublin-Cork road we were dropped right onto the Utsuki coastline and couldn’t help but gawp at the ocean.  It’s peppered with a few tree covered islands where we were and it all seemed pretty tropically dream-like to me.   Having no speedos to my name, and neither the front nor gumption to go in in my pants and bra, I was confined to the beach, beer and bbq area.  SuperDaddyKaz took Anna in to splash about in her giant sea-water swollen nappy.  She loves the beach and the water and shower after.  She’s our little water-baby.  She managed to make friends with another wee boy and the party of Engrish teachers we had gate-crashed only were mildly put off by our baby chat just once.  It’s so instinctive to share experiences with others in similar circumstances, and you either have a wean to talk about for days, or you don’t.  So it can get awkward if you don’t take note of your surroundings and at least try to stop wittering about your cherub when you know the others are just. not. that. interested.

I think we made friends yesterday, at least I know that Anna did.  So that’s nice.   It’s refreshing to meet people that are so very brand new to Japan albeit in a very different position to me right now.  Them were the days.  One thing about yesterday though, I am enraged by my idiocy and downright Britishness.  I know what the sun is like in Japan.  I know what my skin is like.  I know that even though it feels cool because of the wind, it can still burn the shit out of your peelly wally Glasgwegian skin.  Sigh.  You can guess what my rookie mistake was then, can’t you?

Don’t worry though.  Mawface ensured that Anna, of course, remained entirely peelly wally.


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I live in Oita, I like to write about all the little things that happen to me here, there and everywhere.
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  1. Graeme says:

    I must have Boss coffee.

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