If my Nihongo was better

If my Nihongo (Japanese) was better, I wonder if I would have made more friends here already?  Would the ability to talk to the auld toothless wummin in the supermarket who witter on relentlessly to, and about Anna make my life any better?  I know that if I was better at Nihongo I could converse more freely with Kaz’ maw and sister, yet somehow ignorance is definitely bliss, sometimes.

If my Nihongo was better I would probably join mixi.  There they would send me news updates and I could try to better understand the Japanese media’s view on things like pointless celebrities and actual news stories.   However I seriously doubt that my already full to the brim internet social scene (HA!) needs another networking site.  At least I would get to look up things that I had no idea had happened.  That story above that I linked about the Tornado festival is damn scary.  Although scary seems like such a puce word really.  From what I understand, Russian Islamic terrorists are targeting the major cities more and more and the outcome of this is a rise in popularity or far right groups and consequently here in Miass, a 14 year girl was stabbed to death.  I understand how very very grim of me it is to bring this up here and now, but it’s so shocking to me.  I live in a bubble and I get shocked so easily.  I don’t fully understand nor even watch the news here.  I think it’s even worse than Scotland Today. (Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, Red Squirrels, Alex Salmond, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland.)  I don’t even know that if I could one hundred percent understand what the newscaster was telling me, would I be interested or plain irked.  If anyone has an understanding of the Japanese coverage of the Beijing olympics, or Vancouver winter olympics, or even the recent world cup, then maybe you understand my conundrum.

It can be pretty much compared to the English media during the world cup.  Pretty much.  Although without Alan Hansen.  Which is a bonus.  I mean, I didn’t even watch much of the Beijing coverage, but I can tell you honestly, that I think I saw footage of Kitajima Kosuke winning his millions of medals more times than I mopped my sweaty brow that summer.

Look how happy he is though, how could I not want to watch...

And Japan is a sweaty, sweaty, sweaty pile of sweat in the summer, yet mostly they just drink tea then wonder why they get headaches.

If my Nihongo was better then maybe I would want to see the footage just as many times as they showed it.  I mean, if Scotland ever (heaven forbid) won the world cup, what kind of a frenzy would the country be whipped into?  What kind of place would the telly be?  How would we ever, ever, ever learn to do anything in the sports media again without mentioning the fact that our wee Scotland went and won the world cup?

I already realise that this blog has far too many questions.  Short of sounding like Iggy Pop look-alike Carrie effing Bradshaw, (I know she’s not a real person by the way) I’ll address this issue by stating that this post is not an attempt at journalism.  It is a mere meandering of what my life might be like if I was indeed better at Nihongo.

I would overhear the most mundane of conversations.  I would have to be more polite in another language than I am in my own.  I would spend longer in conversations because I would know that it’s improper to be so direct,  that man in the bus station would perhaps be less of an arsehole although I doubt it because he just doesn’t like that I’m taller than him and not from round here.  I would read the paper-would I though?  I would peruse more sites online and order from them, albeit money-willing.  I would be better equipped to help out the fresh off the boaters who grace the Oita shores with their foreign queries and worries.  If I moved to the states I could get that job I saw translating computer games into English.  (Naw!)  I could try and get another type of job instead of the Engrish sensei jobbies and then see what real racism is like in this country.  I could get to grips with all the things on the shelves in the supermarket and really use them for what the manufacturer intended.  I mean, let’s really transform this edible brown algae into a dish!

If my Nihongo was better I could impress you all or bore the shit out of you.  I know that I love it when Maz gets her Espagnol on.  And she is the one who chides me most of all for not being better at this than I am.  So I dedicate this post to you Maria.  You already have a Spanish enough sounding name though, so that’s not fair.  Who is to know that you’re Stevenston born and bred?

Kaz just had a midnight ramen snack.   He shuddered when I told him he should at least put some vegetables in it.  He refuses to sully the good name of dried carbohydrates and powdered salty chemicals with mere nutrients.  If my Nihongo was better then maybe I would be the same way.  But I doubt it.


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I live in Oita, I like to write about all the little things that happen to me here, there and everywhere.
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