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I love getting things in the post.  Love it.  Especially when it’s my new laptop charger and I am officially back to using my own wee white iBook again!  I mean, obviously I’m incredibly grateful to Kaz for letting me use his big black macbook in the interim, but I’m glad, so very very glad to have it back!

Today Kaz had a man-flu day or whatever.  He was tired and grumpy and stayed in bed all day.  Or, at least all morning because I just took Anna and jumped ship of the grumps to let him have some peace and quiet.

Anna is such a wee Daddy’s girl that it takes serious distracting for her to leave him alone.  I managed to for a while this morning after breakfast and then I stupidly closed my eyes for 2 minutes lounging on her Micky Mouse mat covered tatami and she took the opportunity to think, “Mummy down! Mummy down!  I have the freedom to desecrate this entire pack of pampers wipes”.  (cue evil toddler laugh.)

All over the floor they were, every single one.  At least she didn’t disturb the snoozing grump that was in the next room though.  Phew.  Yikes it was so hot today too.  I find it pretty odd that it can still be 30 degrees yet it feels like summer is on the way out already.

I mean, I know that it’s September and therefor according to the extreme seasons declarations of Japan (“does your country have 4 seasons?” please note the foreigners puzzled expression before answering this question. “Eh, yes.”) that summer is officially over and the boots and scarf wearing can commence in earnest.  It just doesn’t feel like it’s over.  And yet it does.  How confusing, sorry!  I am pretty sure that I will still be wearing my yella havaianas until the leaves change.  (Gettitupye Park.)

It’s hard to be passionate about shoes in a country that does not cater for your size.  My feet are not especially boat-like.  They are not.  It’s just that I am taller than all of the male and female population (Kaz is taller, but he is Korean in case you didn’t know, so the racist trucks hate our entire family, just to be clear.) dakara, it’s impossible to find shoes in my size that are not for men.  So I must love and cherish belts and bags and scarves instead.  Saying that, I am skint and have not spent a yen on such items in about 47 years.  Or at least since Scotland where I felt the need to stock up on sale items from h&m…

Ironically, I really quite like fashion blogs.  Recently I like all blogs to be honest so send me your favourite blog links please!  I would like to take this moment to thank Sergelyne Meance of freebell and the Hub hall of fame for constantly posting the Sartorialist on her facebook page and opening my peepers to auld Milano fashionistas and the like.  Love, love, love it.  I have neither the money nor the time to be so dedicated to fashion, but it interests me all the same.  I saw this pic today and I liked how he kept the other girl in the background of this shot.

The Sartorialist

I have seen a million of those burds this summer wearing that exact same get-up.  I wonder if he did it on purpose?  I haven’t looked at the many many comments his super famous and popular blog receives so I bet that it’s been mentioned already, but it just struck me today and it kind of gives me comfort that people are gunning for the individual sense of style.

Anyway, I have digressed like a bastart.  It’s still hot as shit and it’s “autumn”-I think that was my point.  And Kaz has just given me his wonder mixi update that it’s been the hottest summer for 113 years.  WOWZA!  This has sparked a slight debate about global warming and just how selfish we all are…

But, ehhh we still only put the aircon on at night.   Honestly, we do.  I’ve heard that it’s a generational thing and only the auld yins do that so I suppose we got that habit from Kaz’ maw.  I kinda stick to it seeing as it’s her house.  It has to be really insufferable for me to wap that cooler on in the daytime (I know that it’s hotter during the day, honestly, I do).  I think we just feel like a good auld gaman will really mould us as people.  Or something.

So Kaz was snoozing today and I grabbed ma wean an dunna bolt.  (I carefully placed her in her car-seat in the fully air-conditioned car and drove away with due care and attention.) I have barely driven around this place despite having lived here since March, so it was a good opporchancity to explore wee bit.

Did I?

Did I hell.  I took Anna to some free air-con and kids play area in the local department store/shopping centre.  She had a right good stoat about and played with everything there was to play with and scared the local weedy wee girls who have never in all their days seen anything like our wee Anna and her absolutely unforgiving lack of shyness (an alien concept round these parts).  I also think that she had a touch of ADHD today, or was just over-stimulated with the abundance of things to play with.  And not a tamagochi in sight…

I don’t know exactly if this is worth mentioning, (is any of it?) but we also had some of the good stuff, yep you guessed it, the edible brown algae was in our lunch today.   And it was lovely too.  Just need to learn how to cook it myself now.  Must really try to get as much of the arsenic out of it.  Gads.

Kaz just went outside and took a photo of a giant spider that was scaling the wall of the house.  I’ll not post it though.  Instead I’ll just tell you that we found a ghecko scaling the wall of our kitchen today.

Isn’t that cuter?

Winches wae tongues xXx


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5 Responses to Postie Postie

  1. Laura says:

    Aimee! Hello! Only just found your blog recently, congrats on starting one!

    Still at work so don’t have time for a long comment, but I can recommend a few blogs if you’re after something to read. You’ve probably seen most of them before, but hopefully there’ll be something new 🙂 – I love love love this one, utterly cracks me up – cakewrecks is always good for a bit of a LOL – bit of a one trick pony, but entertains me – another staple, in case you haven’t seen it. People make weird shit and try and sell it on the internet as ‘craft’ – a classic – utterly batshit mental. – also batshit

    That’ll do for starters I think 🙂


  2. Graeme says:

    flip flops blow. fact.
    your blog is making me desperate to come and see you and the wean. DESPERATE. I think we need a child too.

  3. mawface says:

    At least keep Eli in work long enough to get the full maternity benefits before you impregnate her.

  4. Laura says:

    I left a big comment here yesterday and it has disappeared!

    It had lots of links in so it’s probably been marked as spam… check your spam comments! Also, hello!

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