Nae regrets.

Kaz slunk out after dinner to the pachinko parlour in our front garden (yes we live in the car park of a gambling den) to read some manga and smoke.  He didn’t even gamble, he just read the comics and came home reekin’.   Then he sat and tried to explain to me about the comic he was reading.  I listened, honestly, I did…something about samurai or something…

Apparently there’s a typhoon coming.

Watch out Kyushu!

I didn’t even know about it, but up on the 15th floor today when the wind was rattling the windaes and my student said, “there’s a typhoon coming”, it was then that I got my first clue.

Look alive people!  Shut the doors, barricade them!   Lock up your cats and  stockpile the goddamn hijiki, there’s a typhoon coming!   If it’s like the last one, and I think it might even be tamer, then the weather will be worse in Glasgow right now than any typhoon in little Oita.   I remember  some years ago when Park was in North Carolina and some hurricane hit and we were all, “ooooh a hurricane, holy shit, was it mental?”

And he was like, “naaaah, it was like Wednesday in Scotland.”

Grim man.  We are hardcore when it comes to shitey weather it seems.  However at least we acknowledge that other places have weather too.  (Ahem, Japan.)

I haven’t even checked the weather, how irresponsible of me.  I just got a wee bit wet around the foot area earlier today in the old havaianas.  Still wearin’ em but.  Still wearin’ em.

Kaz is now cursing the tinterweb for being slow.  Maybe it’s the typhoon?

I’m just thinking about pachinko again,  you know that I’ve never actually set foot inside one of those places and I’ve lived in Japan since 2006?  I even did a stint in Nagoya the (scoff!) “birthplace” of pachinko.

Ummm, isn’t it American?

Never mind, Nagoya needs more reasons to go there anyway, I mean, having 5 Louis Vuittons located within walking distance of each other isn’t quite enough, is it?  That’s something else quintessentially Japanese that I haven’t done, I haven’t pauperized myself to own some mediocre looking brand item, or made my boyfriend buy it for me or I won’t talk to him again.  Maybe he’d like that though…

I have also, ehhhhhh, not sure how to put this, don’t judge me too harshly because you know that this shit actually doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things,


(deep breath)

I have never been to Kyoto.

So gettitroundye Kinkakuji.

But with this trusty photo, you'll all think I have...

Christ, even my Maw n Paw have been to Kyoto.  Whit a riddy.

I’ll go one day.


This all makes me remember that I’ve never been to an Edinburgh Festival or a Hogmanay Street Party back in ze fajerland.  Maybe I just don’t  care much for the stuff you’re really supposed to do when you live somewhere.

Mibs it’s that.

My accomplishments so far then would appear to be

a) one immensely fun Fujirock 2007

b) actually travelling all the fucking way to Mount Fuji in a hungover state after said festival to climb the beast.  My first and only mountain.  (So far.)

Yup I think that is about it.  I’ve gotten into some hellishly good fun drinking sessions with fellow idiots in Gifu, Nagoya, Matsuyama(?), Osaka and Tokyo and I think that is about the gist of my life here so far.

Och no Aimee, don’t forget the boabie festival.  Don’t ever forget that.

I think I might be being too hard on myself.  I did, after all, meet Kaz and have Anna.  And that is better than anything the likes of Kyoto has to offer.  I mean, who cares about maikos and culture and shit, the city is in an insufferable weather valley for feck’s sake.  Bleeeaaaauuurgh.

Kaz is trying to get to grips with his iphone.  So far he can play the drums, pianer and xylophone on it, as well as the star wars light sabre app thing.  Guid times.


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I live in Oita, I like to write about all the little things that happen to me here, there and everywhere.
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2 Responses to Nae regrets.

  1. Laura says:

    It’s been all summery in Glasgow! (Well, till today!)

  2. Graeme says:

    Typhoon’s ah comin’

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