Rest assured.

That’s it, I’ve done it.

Have fully indoctrinated the wean.  If by indoctrinated, you think I mean,lovingly administered care and attention and all motherly duties to the fullest extent that she willingly uttered (the garbled Anna version of those 3 words)

“haufooo” (followed by a massive cheezer.)

Then yes, I’ve done it.

She loves me folks.  She really really loves me.  I know this because she told me so.

A full “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!” (except not, quite so manly) was emitted from my cakehole the other night at bedtime when she said it.  And then she said it again today with the aforementioned cheezer.

I understand that this post is admittedly, from the word go, a shmaltzfest and what-not, but I had a vodka tonight as well as receiving an nice email from my own Maw and let’s face it, I think that my Maw is amazing.  So I’m all about the cheddar for a minute or two.

Mum reminded me that next year, her and my Dad will have been married for a whole forty fucking years.  Now obviously she didn’t swear because she’s the type of Maw with a telephone voice so she wouldn’t have and I clearly added that in myself because I am far more coarse than her.  But aye, forty fucking years of marriage.

If that doesn’t deserve a huge hale n hearty, then what does?

My amazing Maw also sent me a supercarepackage that I received today.  It’s amazing how one can get so exceedingly happy about receiving toothpaste, unfancy skincare products, Asda pants and sudocrem bum cream in the post.  I’ll let you decide who the bum cream was for.

(cough, it’s obviously for Anna.)

I was very happy and eternally grateful indeed, for it must have cost a small fortune to post being laden with lotion and bum cream and everything.  So thank-you Mum, thank-you very much!

Kaz skulked out again tonight, (he didn’t so much as skulk as I like to use the term, skulk) he went to play futsal.  After he left I managed to get into a conversation with Auntie Huni about sodding life insurance.  Yawn.  I don’t know how it happened, God bless her, but also God bless vodka too.

She worries a lot, and she worries about things like life insurance and that neither Kaz nor I have any.  She says that 95% of Japanese people, young and old, have life insurance.  Yeeeech.  What do you make of that?

I cannot believe that statistic.  That’s a lot of life insurance.  And yet she was adamant.  It’s hard because there’s always a language barrier in our conversations as well as a massive lifestyle barrier (Kaz and I Vs. Baba and Auntie Huni, grudgestyle…taps aff…strip tae tha waist n fightlikeaman!) but really, is she onto something?

I am not the best planner.  Am I naive and ridiculous to think that at aged 27 going on 28 it’s ok to not have life insurance?  I know that I can be very stubborn, but I also know that she worries too much, and regardless of who worries (Huni, my Maw or Paw) I feel that if you worry that much and think about so much, then you’re going to make it happen.

So that’s my excuse for not worrying about things like that.  But crap, she worries that we don’t have life insurance.  If there’s someone out there worrying like that for us then we might as well crawl under a rock because I don’t want that stress bringing on any of the unfortunate life events that I don’t already bring on myself. Yet I know that she does it out of love and that, I do, 100% respect.  I just wish she’d lighten up a bit y’know, smoke a bifter or something 😉

Maybe I still just think I’m a teenager and that life insurance doesn’t apply to me.   Maybe I’ve just only got an 18 month old daughter and I still know absolutely nothing about parenting because my daughter cannot yet reason with me or question me fully and I’ve yet to experience the full wrath of the teen, pre-teen, tween or any other childhood age I’ve failed to mention.

Either way, bring it on. N that.

Mibs aye.


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I live in Oita, I like to write about all the little things that happen to me here, there and everywhere.
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One Response to Rest assured.

  1. says:

    ‘sake man, even I’ve got life insurance! What’s up with you?

    Only kidding! Well, a bit. I have got life insurance, but only cause you have to get it if you’ve got a mortgage. I did a bit of journalistic research, cause I thought that was a pretty high figure too.

    ‘journalistic research’ = google search.

    It was tough to get any real info on that stat, but home ownership rates are extremely high in Japanic, so that could account for it.

    You know that it doesn’t actually stop you from dying? That’s what pisses me off. I want to pay that shit and be safe. It’s like gym membership. I don’t want to pay and have to go. I want to pay and them to do the work for me.

    I pure love you too. So high fives all round.

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