Hair today.

Sigh.  It’s not a good place to start, but really, have you seen this?

Why would I willingly post this?

Do I look sad enough here?  Because really I am.

I like to blame summer because all summer my hair is scraped off my face in attempt to remain that wee bit cooler.  I also feel that my hair falls out more in the summer.  Does anyone else get this?  Are my hairs the only ones who cannot stand the summer heat and humidity in Japan?

Last year I thought that it was because I’d just had a baby and that all Mawfaces go baldy.  What’s my excuse this summer?  Is it the same excuse I have for still being a fatty?

Dear O dear, why all the self-deprecation?

Ehhh it’s because you’re still a fatty with crap hair?

Anyway, enough about me and more about me.  Today we went to the park where some people played football, but I did not.  I remained in the wind and achieved a lovely fan-like hair effect that I am thus duly complaining about alongside the female pattern baldness. If you do not think that the above picture gives me enough crap credit, then I could apologise, but I’d still be the one with crap hair that now grovels.

I haven’t had a haircut since I was preg-faced, so that’s over a year and a half ago.  Brushing my locks I’d say is a weekly event (if you lost as much hair as I did when doing this simple task, you’d make it a weekly event too.)  And the summer always brings out my follicle deficiencies.  And maybe over a decade hair dyeing plus the added 6 or 7 years my locks were knotted together all account for why I think that my hair is a bit crap right now.

Does my hair looked stressed?

I like that my hair is getting so long again.  I don’t like that if falls out all over the place.  Are any other long-haired lassies (Eli this means you) experiencing the drama of a long haired balding?

Kaz is already lamenting his own loss.  Anna will be able to recognise both of her parents on school days as we will both be slap-heading our way over to pick her up. Maybe I should get the baldy man shampoo. They say stress helps the old hair loss.  I’m so stressed that my hair is shit and I cannot afford transplants, a haircut to lessen the mess or even shampoo refills.  We are running out you know. On another note, I baked scones yesterday and they were really nice.

Kaz whipped the cream.

I knew I’d be needing some sort of tea and cake situation around 3 o’clock, so I had to make ’em otherwise I’d be out scavenging for some kind of inexpensive tea accommodating treat.  And home-made scones taste better than anything that comes already wrapped in plastic.

Anna has just this minute finished a wee snack and taken herself off to put the wrapper in the bin and then say, “bye-bye”. Just to clarify, our bin sits on top of a chest of drawers (classy, I know) and has a lid on it.  It’s technically a bright pink lidded bucket that keeps any particular nappy smells inside.  (Even when you flush the jobbies down the loo, nappies still smell wee bit.)  We moved the bin up there because when she was a bit younger, she’d happily go rifling through it (boggin, I know).   So now it has been proven that she has learned about rubbish and what not.

(If Kaz has his way he’d teach all of the world about litter.  He in fact has been punched by a youth in a conbini car park for asking the runt to pick up his litter.  The other night he did it again to some fat old salaryman that dumped his chicken wrappers right in front of our house as he was shoving them in his lazy pie-hole.  He told the man that he’s a grown-up and there isn’t really an excuse for littering.  The fatso got angry but thankfully didn’t punch him.)

Anyway, Anna is the greatest and we shall bow down to her superb litter skills.  She’s amazing.  And is far better than scones and tea and good hair put together (which would make an awful afternoon snack come to think of it).

So I think I should not taint (haha “taint”) this post entirely with me whinging about crap hair and then boasting about my fantastic daughter, I’ll tell you all about my wee class too.  I’ve started a little class for mums and babies.  Anna and I have it in the community centre near our litter-free house and so far it’s been a lot of fun.  If you know anyone in the Oita area that would like to get involved in English song&playtime, then just let me know.  I teach the mums some easy peasy songs and nursery rhymes with movements and gestures and lots of love and laughter until the kids are showing a bit of restlessness.

(The class is for up to 2 year olds, so their attention span can be about 30 mins if you’re lucky.)  We have a break and snack-time and there are plenty of toys to play with as well as each other.  We can use the community centre for 2 hours and I charge 1000yen for the maw n wean combo, so mothers can use that time to practice their English with me too.  All in all, it’s a good deal and a lot of fun, so get all yer maw n weans to the Hanazono Kouminkan every Monday morning 10-12 so I can afford to get a haircut…


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I live in Oita, I like to write about all the little things that happen to me here, there and everywhere.
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