As far as I’m aware

Some people went to The Deftones concert in Glasgow last night.  Remember them?  I do.  I even managed to croon not too quietly along to the entirety of White Pony whilst Anna had a snooze in the back seat the other day.  That is some mean feat my child, for I was killing it.

Crivvens!  I just found this now that I’m thinking about them all over again with the same I love I’ve had  for them since I was an eyeliner and crowdsurfing loving youth.  I had a wall of adored tickets that I think are still stacked and yellowing somewhere in sunny Clarkston.

How good are gigs?

Gigs are great.   I’d have to seriously think long and hard to come up with an answer that I don’t regret to the question of my favourite gig…what was yours anyway?  Was I there too?  I could have been.  I mean, I went to a lot…

Not that I regret much anyway.  Fuck it.  Ne.

Nae regrets because it doesn’t do you much good.  Just don’t do the silly thing again.

But aye, gigs.  Gigs are crackin.  My life in Japan hasn’t given me many gigs.  They are expensive here.  Stupidly so.  I mean, the UK is a set of islands too Japan and it doesn’t cost that much over there! Aye aye, I know, Japan is far away and not like any other damn country in the world, especially the food and weather and creepy fucking toilet peeping perverts grumble grumble.  You keep telling yourself that Japan, you keep singing that same old song and keep thinking that you’re so special and that you don’t have to keep up with anything or accept any change to your precious rules and systems that waste so much paper and time and brain cells and s n ooo ooooo ooooo re.

I think I bored myself silly there.  Gomen.

Fucking Deftones.  Love em.  The new stuff is on right now and it’s grrrrrrreat!  I’m counting, cos I’m a sad old fan, just how many times I’ve seen em…(in no particular order cos I’m ooooold don’t you know) QM, Barras, SECC, Carling Academy, Leeds, Braehead…I feel like I’ve seen them more than that though…what have I missed out on?

Incidentally, how YOUNG does Chino look in the be quiet and drive (far away) video?!

Sigh.  I’m loved up on metal before it became “nu”.  Is that a debate in itself?  Because I would never have regarded them as the almighty hateful “nu-metal” shudder. What a snob I am.  I think in music it’s sometimes all right to be a bit of a snob though, because a lot of the love of music is about talent, no?  Obviously opinion rules everything when talking about music and we have to just agree to disagree that Metallica are baws.  But really, am I right to have been miffed at paying 3000yen (20QUID people!) for entry (plus one drink) into the (scoff) techno club in Nagoya and  to be greeted with a fucking “DJ” on a Saturday night who couldn’t actually mix two songs together.  It was atrocious.  His song choice was mediocre and he couldnae fucking mix.  I was unimpressed.  Am I just blessed with the wealth of DJ talent in Glasgow?  Personally, I think the Glasgow music and club scene is bangin’.  Granted I’m not there anymore, but I know that it is still there, bangin’ away.

I’ve not been to a club since February(?).  Sad face.

I think one of Kaz’ friends is having some sort of techno type event so we shall see what Oita has to offer!  I know that I moved away from wee Gifu to the Big Shmoke of Slagoya and hadn’t even experienced the bounty of secret raves in the hills.  What a choob.   Nagoya doesn’t have secret raves in the hills…further grumble grumble.

That was years ago anyway, let’s see what Oita has that isn’t just derishous chicken dishes.  (Am so easily pleased sometimes…)

To completely change the subject, am a week into a fortnight without Kaz.  He’s up in the much slagged Slagoya covering for a buddy who’s taking a trip home with his pregged up ladywife.  So Kaz has some old school hoose building to do with his old friends and co-workers.  (Fuck me THE KNIFE has just come on shuffle-YAAAAAS!)

So aye, so he’s up there and we’re down here enjoying a hoose full of ladies.  Only one day did it all get a bit much for me and I just got in the car with Anna and went to the beach haha!  I’m not boasting about tremendous weather or anything, I mean, it’s Autumn and when the sun is out, it can be beautiful.  But I’m not doing a Park and complaining about the sand being too coarse or anything like that.  We just played on the beach in our Autumn clothes and what-not.  No bare skin or sunburn for us, not yesterday, not a chance.

And I’ve got another week to go until he gets back-at least I have the car… Now if anyone cares to donate to the escape-the-in-laws-petrol-fund, then that would be lovely, ta.

Just kidding really,  kinda.  I mean, they are lovely.  And can be so very kind and generous and love Anna very much and to be honest I was just being a crabbit bitch yesterday and wanted a wee bit of fresh air and sunshine.  Language and cultural barriers are however evident.  Manners can be very few and far between too!

I wonder what they think of me though?

Total c**t probably.





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I live in Oita, I like to write about all the little things that happen to me here, there and everywhere.
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3 Responses to As far as I’m aware

  1. wallernotweller says:

    this was a great read. keep it up…

  2. Laura says:

    I remember the Deftones gig at the QM. Good gig.

  3. Graeme says:

    Deftones are a kids band. It’s not just a clever name.

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