There’s this little guy inside my heed that sounds like the rock faces from Labyrinth who are incredibly Northern and upset when Sarah won’t let them bid their ominous warnings to her.   Do you know those guys?

“Oh, pleeeease, I haven’t done it in such a long time”.

However I can’t find that scene anywhere after an intense* search, so I’ll just put this here for you to enjoy instead.

It’s been a while ne.   And I’ve been to a whole ‘nother continent and wished everyone the best people in the entire world there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and even a Happy Birthday as well as a “Congratulations you’re getting MERRIET/you’ve stopped smoking!!/your hoose is lovely!” type hing.  And then I cried like a big girl’s blouse when I had to leave them all.  Such are the trials of having made the decision to live very very very far away.

I consider myself a lucky Dickhead in so many ways.  I have, a bloody marvelous family who (so far) ensure that I am, a spoiled Dickhead when I return home to Ze Fajerland.  And for that I’m really very grateful.  I know that it’s not always nice for everyone when bouncing back to the nest for some festive family times, but for me (the Spoiled Dickhead) I love it.  It is always nice to be home.  Plus, I know that I have the added bonus of a cute wean to distract them from the reality that is, well, me.  I didn’t make the best effort to see everyone that I usually do this time, sorry about that.  And I was confounded by the pish weather that Glasgow had on offer too.  It’s no fun traipsing about in the rain.  Just no fun at all.  I still managed to get up to the cafe at Luss for a gargantuan scone with a stonking hangover.  I couldn’t even finish it…what has become of me.

Japan, you didn’t even make it so nice for me to return to either, did you?  After my 6 week sojourn I had to return to a lovely bout of the bloody ‘flu.  For the first time in my life.  Bleurgh.

I’m over it now though.  Nails.  (Only cos my Valentine took me to the doctors and then nursed me through it and decreed that he wanted to be paid just to play with Anna. Me too Kaz, me too.)

Happy Shmaltz Day to you all by the way.  I hope that there are romantic moments all over your faces today.  Or even just a winch wae tongues when you’ve both just cleaned your teeth.  Mmmm-mmmm.  Despite feeling a lot better and having launched the face-mask, I’m keeping my fingers, toes n eyes crossed that I haven’t given Kaz the ‘flu for Valentine’s this year.  Gads.

Wee Chops is sleeping right now.  She’s grown monstrously since I last posted anything.  She pays taxes and everything.  Writes plays.

She’s also wittier than I and Graeme Park put together.  But she’s still not as quick as Meg on the old word-play, or quite as keen a whistler either.  I might have to become slightly more Chinese in my approach to Motherhood.  No slacking on my watch.  Nope.


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I live in Oita, I like to write about all the little things that happen to me here, there and everywhere.
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