Birthday Birthday Birthdaaaaaying oot ma nut.

It’s March, it’s that month when the fruition of, erm, Summer luvvin comes to raise it’s cute and not-so-cute head.  My niece has already turned 6, congrats to that!  That’s a ripe age, and I can only wonder what she will be like at 16.  Good luck with that dear bruv and sis!  Speaking of dear bruv #3, he will be an even riper age of 30 very very soon.  Well done, round of applause and of drinks to you, Sir.

However, in between noted birthdays, my sweetheart is turning 35!  Woop woop CONGRATULATIONS OLD MAN!  I had to type that in caps because his eyesight isn’t what it used to be blaaaah blah blah.   After his chocolate cake day (mental note, make chocolate cake) is the best March birthday of all.  Fuck yis all.  It IS the best.  Weechops is turning twooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Excessive use of the letter ‘o’ there, I know, but she’s ma sheep, and she’s the whitest. (Have just noted how that might be misconstrued as a comment based along racial lines.  But it’s not.  So get aff yer high horse, it’s about sheep.)  I’ve started constructing the wean a tutu.  It shall be therefor known in code as a “Desmond” so she doesn’t know what we’re on about, wink wink. She’s wily innit, she will crack that code so keep it on the down-low.   Anyway, the religious and African garment in question is a mixture of pink and turquoise which should be a delightful purple that she will hopefully adore.  If she doesn’t, then it’s no bother.  She’s a 2 year old and she could dislike a lot of things that I seek out and purchase for her, never mind lovingly construct with my own delicate, loving and maternal fingers of care and attention and adoration.  Also making her a feltboard.  Remember them?  R.e.t.r.oooooh.

Fear not, simple consumerists, I have bought her stuff too.  She said today that she wanted a pink cake, and Kaz suggested some kind of Peppa Pig number.  I then reminded her that Peppa and George love chocolate cake and her eyes lit up.  She’s all about the chocolate cake.  Two days anyway, until Daddy’s Chocolate Cake Day.  (mental note, make chocolate cake..)

Since there is a birthday onslaught this month, I have endeavored to bake 3 birthday cakes, some birthday bread, as well as hand-crafting some gifts…skint much!  It’s fun though, (the hand-crafting, not the skint part) I recommend you try it sometime.  Craft the shit out of your life for good old-fashioned well-being.  Or whatever.  I get inspired a lot by the all the haun-knittet stuff I see made by the talented people out there.  I wish their dedication was equally contagious.  Ups and downs innit.  I’ve got an interview type thing on Tuesday at a wee school downtown that will allow me to bring the wean.  Hopefully that won’t reduce my vast crafting time.  Or my immense roll around tickling Anna time, because, I don’t think they would like me to do that while I’m supposed to be teaching the other weans.  Fingurs, toes n ayes crossed for me preezu.

Hair’s a pure nick again, sigh.

Laura Kane stopped smoking by the way. Fuckin YAS! Kaz did too while I was home and then started again after I got back after I annoyed him so much that he took back to the rancid fags.   What a fud.  I don’t nag him about it.  The poor sod is living in a freeeezing house (note.  All houses in Japan are freezing, it’s retarded.) with his maw, big sister, daughter and I.  Aw those nag hormones must be driving him mental.  Mental.   And he’s sitting with my wee iBook that I left for dead on my shelf and had brought it back to life to hook it up to the hard-disk and get all my music and photaes aff it.  What a cherub.

Anna pure goosed his laptop last week too.  She ham-fisted all the keys and made the screen zoom in a lot.  He couldn’t figure it out and then I got at it and guguru’d the ploblem and voila! I fixed it!  I don’t often get to be the person who fixes computer things.  So I was chuffed, (even if it was a really simple thing to fix).

Gads, just watched a news clip talking about Japan having more than 30,000 poor bastards annually top themselves for the past 13 years in a row.   On that note, I’m away to continue living for a good while yet.


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I live in Oita, I like to write about all the little things that happen to me here, there and everywhere.
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3 Responses to Birthday Birthday Birthdaaaaaying oot ma nut.

  1. jen says:

    i love your wee updates… they always make me smile! How did you get on with aw the choccie cake baking? jen xxx

    • mawface says:

      We had immense chocolate fun. I am now actually, wee bit sick of chocolate cake. I ended up making a big fat crazy one for Kaz, then a tiny wee one on Anna’s actual birthday, then another normal sized chocolate one on the day in the park/bbq thing we had for her last week, as well as a normal Victoria sponge type one with whipped cream and jam in the middle for our mate Naomi who’s birthday is the same as Anna’s. Pure caked out our nuts. And Auntie Huni made a big cream cake yesterday too…with strawberries and hunnersa whipped cream. We had some after lunch today and Anna declared, “yummy yummy yellow cake”.

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