No lessons, thanks Pops.

I don’t care what anyone says, I have been busy.

I have been working and eating and flying home to the fatherland (sunny Glasgow, Scotland) and enjoying the best weddings in the universe and then coming back again and working and sweating and wee bit of drinking and absolutely no cooking at all.  It’s been marvellous and tiring.   I also have completely lost sight of any sort of updating I should be doing here.  I had to search for it and to remember my login because it is not bookmarked on this computer as it is not my computer because I don’t have a computer (sad face), so I had to search.  And lo and behold, it was still there.  My rantings and colloquialising (what are you bleating about, red underscore, it IS a word) and blah blah blah-ings are all still there with not one peep changed.  I thought at least that words could get better with age?  Naw?  Ach well.

I went home this summer, it was the first summer in Glasgow since 2006 and I even experienced some good weather!  I also experienced a big greet fest at the afore-mentioned weddings of forever and ever amen.  We can’t always get to the weddings of our nearest and dearest and I’ve missed two already this year that make my soul ache.  So, I was thrilled and honoured to be a part of them both.  I even got to be half a best man.  I suppose that’s legit given my lack of boy parts (honestly) that I should only be half a best man.  But since the flamboyantly self-indulgent Mr Park required two best men and the collected and distinctly UN-bridezilla-like Ms Mc Callum required only one bridesmaid,  I felt good to be throwing an odd number into the mix of their beautiful happy day.  And I got to wear a nice dress, with amazing heels and make a fucking speech.

When I typed that I conjured images of the angry, curly Adam Sandler a bit there, don’t know why.

I was nice!  I PROMISE!  I wasn’t exactly that nice to Graeme, truth be told, but I wasn’t supposed to be.  I also did let slip a wee expletive without really thinking too much about it.  “Arseholes” isn’t that offensive, is it?  I also lobbed a sandwich at the groom’s dad since the speeches were before the meal.  Mental.  Having said that, I would not have enjoyed my dinner if they were after, not one bit.

Urk, on an infectious note, Anna got hands, foot and mouth disease.  Thankfully she’s all right though.  It sounds more rank than it is.  Her mouth is fine.  It is still absolutely full of requests for ice cream, cuddles and other such Anna banter.  In school last week when I was her “Mummy-Sensei” I asked all the boys to go and get a chair and come and sit down.  She promptly got up and went for a chair.  Be assured, my 2yr5mth year old knows that she’s very much a girl.  I think she just wanted to play the class clown for she pulled a look of why are you all questioning me? onto her wee face and bellowed,

“Noooo, I’m not a girl, I’m a boooooy!”

I laugh at my daughter all the time you’ll understand.  I laugh when she pulls shit like this, I laugh when she asks for ridiculous amounts of any food/drink substance, I laugh when she laughs, I laugh when she cries and I laugh when she rants and has tantrums and drops to the ground kicking and screaming.  She makes me bellow too.  What a wee d.e.l.i.g.h.t….

On a more disgusting note, the chancers in England who feel compelled to shit on their own and surrounding doorsteps are causing a lot of people to cry out.  Quite rightly so; I would be terrified.  I enjoyed Darcus Howe on the bbc and this lass‘s take on it all.  Indeed, I think the world would be just a smidge better for us all, if we “had some respect”.   Kaz told me yesterday to stop reading as it was the only way to stop me feeling so sick and disgusted.  But I can’t take my eyes away.  As he watched Japan ruin South Korea at the fitba tonight, I groaned and sighed at the computer screen.  His face went a funny, incredulous Japanese(ish) way that knows not of such civil unrest when I told him it was still going on.  He cannot fathom it, he cannot get his head around it.  (Thanks UK riot-types, he’ll really want to come and live there now.  Pricks.) 

And yet, us foreigners over here are incredulous as to why the Japanese are not more up in arms about the ongoing Fukushima disaster.  The food and land and air and sea and meat and lives and futures of all are contaminated in the surrounding areas.  They are running out of power and yet still over wrap and package the shit out of everything.  I have read reports of contaminated milk being diluted with uncontaminated milk to reach safety levels.  This video has been passed around again and again and it’s hard to know who or what to trust.  It raises very valid points, and the government lackeys in this “meeting” are anything but endearing.  Yet the Japanese just “shoganai”  (that’s life) or “gaman” (deal with it).  They don’t go smashing up businesses and burning down cars, or even get too flustered.  And yet I almost wish they would.


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