Beep Beep Boop

That’s the phrase the page flashes up to show that it’s thinking, or working, or doing something.  It’s also a good phrase to whisper to yourself to cheer yourself up.  So since it’s been about 2 years since my last confession, sorry blog post, then I consider it an appropriate phrase to cheer myself up after having been, for the past 2 years, thinking or working, or doing something.   Or something.

Since I have last written anything there have been some changes.  There is another person in our family and she is about the same age as the header picture of the big yin.  Who is now a legitimate giant who towers above her first grade pals.  So two kids and a different address.  We live in a hot old house with a messy garden and an ignored potential veggie patch.

Baby D is napping and giant A is playing at a neighbour’s, so all is quiet.  Having said that, D just woke up and A and neighbour flit between our houses causing rampant destruction in their wake.  This morning was a bit of  a frustration-fest trying to get Anna to finish her mountain of homework before school starts again in Sept.  But she’s getting there and is also getting better at reading (English) too, so this summer hasn’t quite been as unnecessarily unproductive as I had thought.  Obvs. I am in no way one of those clever Maws who look ahead and plan activities or classes or anything for the summer holidays.  I just thought that this summer was a good chance to get Anna up to speed with her English literacy so she can match her peers at hame.  Fingers crossed she’s getting there.  It’s hard to know when to push and when to let her just fuck off and dress up  like a princess or some shite like that.   And I don’t want to make her hate it.  Japanese primary school gives so much homework, it can get quite overwhelming.  Anna’s extracurricular activities involve dressing up, imaginative play, bit of drawing n crafting and shit and endless fucking telly.   Need to get her into something.  I will.  We will.  I start work back at the uni in Oct so hopefully when I have a clearer idea of everyone’s schedules and family rhythm we can get her into something.  Fuck knows what.  Clog dancing or Mongolian cookery or whatever the kids are into these days.

This summer has been long and hot and noisy and quiet all at the same time.  Our house is in a lovely quiet neighbourhood, I feel sorry for the poor fuckers living around us.  I get all crabbity and frustrated with endless fucking telly and housework and homework and the heat and so I shout at the big yin when she exasperates me.  Poor big yin, I’m such a crabbit bitch.  The garden is beautifully noisy with cicadas who sound a bit like techno.  Some mornings have been like wakening up to car alarms going off around but with less urgency.  I don’t mind them, yet.  I may get crabbit with them too but this place is so damn quiet compared to our last address that I welcome the natural noisy bastards because I am naturally a noisy bastard myself.

In between bouts of grumpiness and frustration we have had trips to the pool and to beaches and to summer festivals where Kaz was projectile vomited upon by the neighbour’s baby and had to go home and miss the fireworks.  Whitey!  So it’s not all been bad.

I’ve made a pot of chilli (that great summer dish, I know) for dinner and am wondering if I’ve made a horrendous error in putting some chia seeds in it.  I originally wanted lentils but realised I had none and opted for a very liberal serving of chia seeds.  I am now worried that we will all be doing horrendous farts later tonight or tomorrow…best stay away from our house for the next 24hours.


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I live in Oita, I like to write about all the little things that happen to me here, there and everywhere.
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